Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Luv This Guy!!!

Question: Who is the best actor in Hollywood? You might say it’s Robert DeNiro. Nah, he is so like 20 years ago. Daniel Day Lewis? Nah, he only makes like a couple of movies every decade. Leonardo DiCaprio? Sorry, try again. The answer to this question is J.K. Simmons. Yes, I’m talking J.K. Simmons here.

Although hardly a household name, most people know J.K. Simmons better by face than by name. J.K. has been acting steadily in film and television for the past 15 years. Audiences arguably know Simmons best as newspaper tycoon, J. Jonah Jameson, from the Spider Man films and as Juno’s sensitive pop in Juno. It seems as the years go on, I can’t go to the movies or turn on the TV without seeing J.K. staring back at me. Not that I’m complaining.

J.K. Simmons really came to our attention with his scene stealing and terrifying performance as Vern Schillinger, the head of the Aryan brotherhood, on the hit HBO prison show Oz. I actually believe that crime dropped in the United States since Oz aired. People are afraid that if they go to prison, J.K. will burn a swastika into their ass with a lighter and brand them as his bitch.

Looking up J.K.’s credits on IMDB nearly crashed my computer. On top of being a regular on the hit TNT show, The Closer, J.K. has appeared in 11 movies this year alone. He also has done a number of guest star roles.

This has to be the steadiest career for an actor in Hollywood. J.K. is working so much that he probably doesn’t realize that this country is going through a recession. Think about it, if J.K. is in a hit movie, everyone applauds him and remembers him. If he is in a bad movie; well, who’s going to hold it against him.

J.K. Simmons is truly a consummate actor. He has great dramatic intensity and untouchable comic timing. The guy is a good luck charm to any project he signs on to. Any big time Hollywood movie star would be lucky to share a scene with J.K. Simmons.

Cheers J.K. -- keep up the great work.

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